Service Providers

Phrame offers a new customer experience, acquisition & retention tactic for on-demand services, delivery & B2C logistics providers.

Phrame is a unique solution to access cars independently, quickly & securely without having to coordinate car key exchange with owners.

Car Dealers & OEMs

Enjoy simpler key & lot management with quick, on-the-spot key access.

Get unparalleled anti-theft protection & GPS tracking.

Sell Phrame for a profit & enjoy higher customer retention rates at multiple vehicle lifetime touchpoints.

Fleets & Car Rental Companies

Use Phrame as a solution for key, fleet management & security.

Enjoy easier drop off, anti-theft and impact detection.

Distributors & Retailers

Partner with us to become a sales partner; online or brick & mortar.

Companies & Office Parks

Recruit, retain and offer more convenience to employees by enabling car sharing and onsite services via Phrame such as oil changes, gas fill ups & in-trunk deliveries.

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