• How does Phrame work?

    Phrame is a smart license plate frame that serves as a “safe box” for your car key. It is equipped with sensors and a security system that you can easily install on your car around your existing car’s license plate frame and then connect to your smartphone.

    From there, Phrame can communicate with your smartphone, enabling the ability to share access to your car via storing your car key inside Phrame’s compartment. This way, Phrame gives you full-control over providing access to your car to whomever you wish via the Phrame app. Moreover, the app provides real-time information directly to your smartphone such as your car’s location, outside temperature and any unusual activity related to your car.
  • Is Phrame theft resistant?

    Phrame is thoughtfully built and designed to deter theft.

    First, it comes with a unique locking tool that secures Phrame to your car via security screws. Phrame can only be removed from your car via the locking tool that only you, the owner, have. Moreover, the security screws are strategically placed inside Phrame and are not accessible from the outside by anyone unless they are added to your “authorized users” list on your smartphone.

    Second, Phrame is equipped with sensors and a sophisticated security system that, when repositioned from your car or attempted to be removed, will send “Possible Theft” alerts to your smartphone. From there, you can do two things from the Phrame app: select the options to Sound the Alarm or Call 911.

    Third, Phrame uniquely pairs with the Phrame app and is registered under the Phrame owner’s credentials. Without these credentials, Phrame will be non-functional.

    Lastly, we are so confident in the security features we built into Phrame that our device comes with insurance. Should your Phrame device be stolen, please contact us to make arrangements for a replacement, at no charge to you.
  • How do I install Phrame?

    Installing Phrame is very easy. Once you receive your set in the mail, simply use a regular screwdriver or an optional security tool with the tamperproof screws provided to attach Phrame to your car and around your license plate. After installation, Phrame will remain securely installed around your license plate. Download the Phrame app, pair the app with your Phrame device and you are good to go.

  • How do I know that my car and car key are safe with Phrame?

    With Phrame’s sensors and security system, you will receive real-time notifications, alerts and information to your smartphone about car break-ins, thefts and collisions.

    You will also receive real-time alerts about your car moving when it shouldn’t. For example, when someone hits your parked car, tows your car or attempts theft.

    With Phrame’s high-grade security, thieves and hackers can’t tamper with your car key while it is inside the compartment. In fact, your car key is safer inside Phrame than inside your house or in your pocket because Phrame’s compartment is resistant against remote scanners, power amplifiers, frequency jammers, reverse key fob programmers and other electronic devices.
  • How can I make money from my car using Phrame?

    Once you equip your car with Phrame, you will always have visibility and control over your car through your smartphone. Once your car is secured and you have full control and visibility over it, we will connect you to one of our trusted partners and allow you to rent out your car while you are away.
  • How can items be delivered to my car trunk?

    Once you equip your car with Phrame, you will always have visibility and control over your car trunk. Through the device, you will be able to give secured one-time and time-limited access for a courier to open your trunk and deliver your package.
  • Does Phrame work with other IoT products such as Nest?

    Phrame is building a robust network of connected devices so that your Nest, Canary and Alexa will ultimately be able to communicate with your car and our service providers. As Phrame evolves, we imagine a world in which our customers can enjoy seamless convenience; where your hardware makes your life easier. Whether you’d like Lutron's Serena Shades to open upon arrival, August Lock to work automatically the minute you get into your car, or Lutron Lighting to stay on if you leave the house in the evening to ensure greater protection - we’re taking feedback from our customers and using our resources wisely to ensure our customers have access to the most cutting edge, trusted IoT devices on the market.
  • How is Phrame different from license plate frames like PearlAuto or Reviver?

    Phrame stores your car key in its kevlar-strength license plate frame. Only you can allow access to family, friends, delivery and service providers via Phrame’s app. Phrame is different from Reviver, which is a digital display for license plate numbers that doesn’t lock or unlock cars. PearlAuto offers a back up camera in its license plate frame, so its function is also quite different from Phrame’s key storage, in-trunk package delivery, connected services, security and car-sharing capabilities.

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